About Dr. Alvin


At age 19 – I started my career in the telecommunications industry as a repair clerk. I was at the bottom of a giant corporation. At that point, nobody was interested in helping this young Black man in a low-level position.

I had no sponsor, and wasn’t invited to be a part of any high potential (HiPo) programs. Even as I gained experience, and began to get great results – promotional opportunities were not presented to me.

Many years later the day came when I was pushed into a confrontation. Truth is, I had to confront myself just as much as I had to confront the others around me. Something had to change.

So “I” changed!

I took 3 steps:
1. I took a hard look at the value I brought to my work, and transformed my view of me,
2. I activated my resourcefulness, and developed an individualized career plan,
3. I researched where I could fit best & I positioned myself for advancement!

Within a 5-year period, I was blessed to enjoy several promotions inside my company, then I was privileged to switch industries! Long story short, I progressed from a first-level manager in the field, to being the first Black Operations Director running a region-wide CLEC call center for BellSouth. At the same time, I was asked to teach Teaming & Building High Performance Teams on weekends at my business school alma mater. Several years later – I was privileged to be the first Black and first graduate to accept the role of Program Director at the very same business school!

I’ve moved from academia into entrepreneurship where I focus on my consulting, public speaking and coaching businesses.

I’ve created The UNfair Advantage™ blueprint to clarify the progressive steps of a fulfilling career, M.A.S.T.E.R. the Journey™ to teach Mid-Career Professionals how to measure their career success, and the Equal Value Project™, because I believe we’re ALL of equal value – even in the corporate world.

I’m on a mission to help 10,000 minority professionals attain their highest level of success, because I dream of a corporate America that better represents the population. My method is to teach and coach them through the 3 steps to increase their satisfaction and fulfillment in the one area where we all spend most of our adult waking hours…our career!

What’s YOUR story?


I dream of a Corporate America that’s more representative of the population.

I’m on a mission to see 10,000 minority professionals attain their highest level of success in the corporate world. I plan to do this by working as their Coach, Speaking to their Employee Resource Groups (ERG) or business teams, or by being a Consultant for Small to Medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

By working with me, You will discover:

  • Greater physical and mental energy and creativity
  • Clarity about professional and personal priorities
  • Networking opportunities with other mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs, including  business leaders
  • Opportunities to develop your leadership strengths and improve your influence
  • Insights and tools for greater productivity

All of the above will give you what you need to develop a sharper edge in shaping a successful personal and professional life.

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SMALL minds talk about people, AVERAGE minds talk about things, and GREAT minds talk about ideas!


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