Platinum or Gold Level VIP Programs

These 12-month private coaching programs are for those individuals who are dissatisfied with the status quo, and have decided they are committed to finally transform their life. This is where you will enjoy a monthly focus on the outcomes most important to you!

Here’s what you get as a student of this program:

  • Clarity about your professional and personal priorities
  • Greater energy and creativity
  • Networking opportunities with other mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs, including business leaders
  • Opportunities to develop your leadership strengths and improve your influence
  • Insights and tools for greater productivity
  • Practical, actionable feedback and debriefing along your journey

These programs offer exclusive features, including:
Private mentoring sessions each month.
This is where we implement practical skills of mindset reprogramming, correctly apply the universal laws of goal-setting/creation, share challenges, celebrate victories, get clarification when needed, and measure your success.

Email AND texting access. 
Depending upon the level of coaching chosen, email AND text access is available. Whether you feel resistance or a block coming up that you want a more empowering perspective immediately, or you can wait until our next session – You’ll have me in your back pocket for twelve solid months!

** For more information on pricing and to see if working together is a good fit for both of us, please schedule a free 30-minute personal transformation call.
For clients outside of the United States or Canada, calls must be done via Skype.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a twelve month commitment? Because transforming your mindset and eventually your life is a process, and processes require time. Coaching is unquestionably a fast-track way to healing, transformation and success on every level, but it is so much more effective when you are committed to the process. One or two sessions will make you feel fantastic, but twelve private sessions plus the practical components of mindset reprogramming and correct application of universal laws will create transformation. The energy of commitment is a very powerful energy. You will be absolutely astonished with the easiness and gracefulness of the process, and instead of feeling wrung out like traditional helping relationships tend to do, you will feel focused, rejuvenated and re-energized throughout this process!

Why charge a price that might be a stretch to pay? Simply put, if there isn’t an equal exchange of energy between us, we both get cheated. When you “put your money where your mouth is” you show up committed to making it work, as opposed to the “you get what you pay for” attitude that comes when you don’t invest much in a product, a service or an outcome. And honestly, most people don’t feel like they’re worth that kind of an investment. And then how many thousands of dollars are spent at the doctor’s office, and on medications with awful side effects, and on missed days of work, and on binge-eating or compulsive shopping that only fills you with guilt and self-loathing, and on…and on…and on… The better question to ask is: What is it costing me NOT to invest in coaching? And when you take a deep breath and make that leap of faith, you’ll learn that one of two things happen: you’ll find that there is ground beneath you to support you, or that you have wings to fly. You have to go to the ledge to learn how to fly, and for most people that ledge looks like money. And when you learn the skills of creating positive coincidences and transforming your life, money will never be an issue again.

It’s up to you. If your heart is whispering to you to check this out more, but you feel a huge wave of fear, that’s a good sign that miraculous things will happen when you walk through that door of fear. The ego wants to hold us back and keep us locked in our comfort zone forever, but that’s not where the growth and the transformation are! Miracles and transformation happen just beyond your comfort zone, and it requires crossing that line called “fear.” To fully live in miracles and transform our lives we must take risks and do things that scare us. Not everyone is cut out to do this, and it’s all right that you haven’t…yet.

But knowing you need guidance and help is only half the answer. To get to the full answer you must perform the necessary steps, which includes making the choice to do something a little scary and foreign. But isn’t it time you learned how to let go of fear, find permanent healing, and finally create miracles and transform your life? The Platinum Level VIP private coaching program is designed to do just exactly that for you. Through the graceful use of energy work and the practical skills to strengthen and maintain that work, we will, together, let go of the resistance standing in your way so you can easily transform your life and create win, after win, after win!

It’s YOUR time!

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