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Self-Awareness Made Simpler!

  Self-awareness is vital for today’s Leader. In fact, self-awareness is a component of emotional intelligence and it has been shown as an important dimension of successful business leaders. In a recent study, Green Peak Partners and Cornell University examined 72 executives at public and private companies with revenues from $50 million to $5 billion, and found that “a high self-awareness score…

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Business Lessons From My Grandson

I’m not sure it “gets any better than this” when I think of the joy I felt watching my daughters grow up. All three of them are in their 20’s now, and are focused on being great contributors to society. My middle daughter has blessed us with my first Grandchild, a little fellow named Charles III (aka Little Charlie). We…

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Overcoming Underwhelm

  During my recent teleseminar focused on how to get out of our own way and reduce the amount of overwhelm in our lives, one of the participants brought up the subject of being underwhelmed. She described her particular situation as one where she expected much more from the role she accepted. She realized that she: wasn’t given an opportunity…

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Mentoring: 6 Actions That Add Value!

There are no shortage of requests for my time from my former students. Some of them want to “bounce ideas,” others want to work toward solutions in their entrepreneurial pursuits, still others are looking for career advice or personal development tips. While I’m happy to oblige in each of these areas, a small subset of them want to broaden the…

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How to Eliminate Fear, Doubt and Anxiety

During a recent conversation with one of my former students; Jen, the subject of anxiety came up. Jen relayed a scenario where one of her co-workers failed to greet her the way they normally greeted each other; no eye contact or calling her by name when she passed her in the hall the morning before. I could tell she was worried,…

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The Miracles of Margin

After my company relocated our family from Louisiana to Georgia in 1993, we began making frequent return trips home for holidays and special occasions. Over the first few trips, we always overpacked! The trunk of our vehicle was nearly full, our 3 daughters occupied the backseat, and the floor in front of them was full of snacks, water and other…

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